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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Jason brings lawsuits on behalf of employees against former employers for claims of sexual harassment, illegal discrimination (age, race, color, national origin, disability and religion), retaliation for reporting illegal discrimination and harassment, retaliation for making a worker’s compensation claim, and blowing the whistle on illegal government activities, among other types of claims for illegal termination. Jason handles employment cases on a contingent fee basis.


Jason reviews severance packages with employees faced with transition in their careers so they can better understand the obligations presented by such agreements, and the options employees have in those situations. Jason also counsels workers to help them understand their rights and find solutions to problems confronting them in the workplace. Jason charges a fee for severance review and employee counseling.


Jason brings cases on behalf injured people and their families for claims arising out of car wrecks, truck wrecks, fires, workplace negligence, faulty security and defective products, among other types of claims for injury.  Jason handles personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis.


Jason brings cases on behalf of policyholders whose claims are wrongfully denied by insurance companies, including auto, homeowner, general business, disability and umbrella policies.  Jason also represents businesses when insurance companies wrongfully deny coverage for claims.  Jason handles insurance cases on a continent fee basis or hourly basis depending on the case.